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Monday, Oct. 27: This is a sort of pop quiz! On a separate sheet of notebook paper (to be turned in), summarize the events in chapters 1 – 12 of Stephen Crane’s The Red Badge of Courage. You may use quotes from the novel in your summary, but be sure to mention the page where you found those quotes. When you’re done, begin your silent reading.

Tuesday, Oct. 28: List three different quotes from The Red Badge of Courage that remind us of Romanticism because they reference fairy-tale elements, like dragons, royalty, or pirates. (Some possible pages to find these quotes are pages 18, 44, and 118-119, but there are many others.) When you’re done, begin your silent reading.

Wednesday, Oct. 29: Realism is an attempt, by the writer, to convey a description of a moment in time, without glorifying it. An example is on page 107 of The Red Badge of Courage, when Crane tells of a man, who is nearby when shells explode, and that soldier “[throws] up his hands to shield his eyes… Other men, punched by bullets, fell in grotesque agonies. The regiment left a coherent trail of bodies” (The Red Badge of Courage, page 107). Find two more quotes that demonstrate Crane’s tendency toward realism when writing about battle, and offer page numbers for each of those quotes. When you’re done, begin your silent reading.

Thursday, Oct. 30: In your journal, copy three sentences from the “Declaration of Independence” that strike you as interesting, well-written, or problematic. When you’re done, begin your silent reading.


Monday, Oct. 27 – Thursday, Oct. 30th: We will finish reading Stephen Cranes’ novel, The Red Badge of Courage, using our class time to read silently. Be prepared to start your written final on Monday, November 3rd. The journal entries we create this week will most likely help you a lot on the final, if you take your time on these journal entries and really do a nice job on each one.


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