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Monday, Nov. 3: Please copy “Verbs” rule #2 on the “Word Choice” page, in the “English Handbook Pages.” Include the Fred Figglehorn examples in your response.

Tuesday, Nov. 4: Please copy capitalization rule #3 in the “Capitalization” section of the “English Handbook Pages.

Wednesday, Nov. 5: Please copy the apostrophe rule that’s found between two stars, in the “English Handbook Pages” on the “Apostrophes” page.

Thursday, Nov. 6: “Please copy comma rule #1 from the “English Handbook Pages'” section called “Comma Rules.”


Monday, Nov. 3 – Thursday, Nov. 6: We’ll begin taking our final this week. Students are allowed up to four days to finish this final, as it’s a written exam, complete with a thesis graphic organizer, an outline, an edited first draft, and a hand-written final draft. Most students will turn their exam in on Thursday, Nov. 6.

Each student has been given a different writing prompt for the final exam, so if you were gone on the first day of testing, you’ll need to ask your teacher to give you your prompt. If you need an extra day or two to finish your final, please do not watch any movies with our class until you’ve turned in your exam. You may be asked to go to the library to finish testing or sit in the hall to finish your test. Just let the teacher know you’ll need more time. You may have up to four class periods to finish the test. After that, you must turn in the test, whether you’re finished or not.


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