Screenshot from the MGM film, The Red Badge of Courage: note the Flag of NY in shot.

Screenshot from the MGM film, The Red Badge of Courage: note the Flag of NY on the right. Today’s flag of NY looks different, so set directors had to do research to discover what the Civil War era flag looked like, to get it right. Impressive!


Monday, Nov. 10 – 13: There will be no journal assignments this week.


Monday, Nov. 10: Today we turned in our English finals. If you were gone today, you may spend Tuesday finishing up your final in the hall, while we watch the movie, The Red Badge of Courage. You must turn in your final by the end of the day though. If you don’t, your teacher will take it out of your folder and turn it in for you (because she must have it graded by Thursday, and finals take a long time to grade).

Tuesday, Nov. 11: Students read a Wikipedia article about Audie Murphy, the decorated World War II hero who stars in The Red Badge of Courage movie. Then we watched The Red Badge of Courage. If you were absent today, please read the Audie Murphy article on your own BEFORE WATCHING this clip from the movie. You will be asked to write an Amazon review later this week, and it’s important for you to know the history of the man who plays Henry Fleming before you do so. We also turned in our books, The Red Badge of Courage, today. Please turn yours in immediately!

Wednesday, Nov. 12: Students watched Dances With Wolves today. There is no make-up work for this viewing assignment.

Thursday, Nov. 13: Students watched the end of Dances With Wolves today. After that, students were asked to write an Amazon review (one brief paragraph) of either The Red Badge of Courage or Dances With Wolves (the movies). One student’s review will be posted by your teacher as an actual Amazon review, so please make your review positive, reflective, and brief. Wordy reviews are not helpful, so choose your words wisely and keep it under 150 words. This will be the last graded assignment in this class.


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