T Chart Graphic Organizer for Native American Literature

T-Chart Graphic Organizer Created by Your Teacher


Monday, Nov. 17: What do you already know about the Native Americans?

Tuesday, Nov. 18: Explain what “The Great Turtle” refers to, in Native American folklore.

Wednesday, Nov. 19: If you were a Native American person during the American Civil War, which side would you fight for, the north or the south, and why?

Thursday, Nov. 20: Go back to the 4-box graphic organizer you made yesterday, and fill in the Huron and Sioux sections with 3 to 5 facts each, based on what you read on page 18.


Monday, Nov. 17: Today we were given a seating chart. Please ask where to sit if you were absent today. We also went over the syllabus (found in Box 2 in the Make-up Work Center at the back of the classroom). You need to take the syllabus home and have your parent go over it and sign it. That document will be due on Thursday this week. After that, we read pages 18-21 in the literature book. The best time to make up this reading assignment is during our library time on Thursday. Just ask the teacher if you can borrow a literature book during our library time and return it to class at the end of the hour.

Tuesday, Nov. 18: Today we read a story called, “They Call the Wind Acme” by a Native American of Nez Perce/Blackfoot heritage. We also filled in the Nez Perce and Blackfoot sections of our 4-box graphic organizer. To do this at home, simply click on the links provided. Search the sites provided for literary concepts/oral traditions related to those two tribes and write notes on that area specifically. Also, when we go to the library on Thursday, remember that you’ll need to borrow a copy of “They Call the Wind Acme,” in order to read it. We also created a T-chart for this story. Please copy this T-chart from a classmate’s notes.

Wednesday, Nov. 19: Today we read about the Kiowa/Cherokee author, N. Scott Momaday (page 18). If you click on the link provided, it may help you catch up on that reading. But we also read from Momaday’s memoir, “The Way to Rainy Mountain,” which you’ll need to make up when we go to the library this Thursday. We created a T-Chart for Momaday’s memoir, “The Way to Rainy Mountain,” and I recommend you copy a friend’s to get caught up, if you were gone today.

Thursday, Nov. 20: Your vocabulary journal was collected today. Make sure you tell your teacher you still need a grade for your vocabulary from this week. Also, we read the biography of Chief Seattle (available through that link) and Brother Eagle, Sister Sky (an adaptation of Chief Seattle’s famous speech), which you can borrow when we go to the library next week.


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