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Monday, Dec. 15: Look in the “English Handbook Pages” for the answer to the following question: if you underline a title when you write it by hand, what do you do differently when you type that same title?

Tuesday, Dec. 16: What’s the rule for capitalization of titles (look under “Capitalization” in the “English Handbook Pages”). Hint: we learned this last week!

Wednesday, Dec. 17: What do you already know about the “Declaration of Independence?” Write 3 – 5 bulleted responses, please.

Thursday, Dec. 18: Study the timeline on page 3 of our literature book, and predict the style of writing we’ll be reading now that we’re done with the pre-Colombian period.


Monday, Dec. 15: Today we went to the computer lab to type our Native American literature essays. If you were gone today, you’ll have another chance to catch up on Thursday, Dec. 18, when we’re in the library.

Tuesday, Dec. 16: Today we finished typing our Native American literature essays in the computer lab. If you were gone today, you’ll have another chance to catch up on Thursday, Dec. 18, when we’re in the library.

Wednesday, Dec. 17: Today we spent the day creating a butcher-paper version of “The Declaration of Independence.” It was a fun activity that requires no make-up work, but when we return from Christmas vacation, you’ll get to see (and help judge) what everyone created.

Thursday, Dec. 18: Today was our usual library day. If you had been absent (or just fell behind) when we typed our essays on Monday and Tuesday, you were able to catch up at the library today. Most importantly, everyone turned in the following documents to your teacher for a grade:

  • The thesis graphic organizer
  • The outline
  • The vocabulary lists that apply to the words you used in your essay (highlight the relevant words in the typed essay, please)
  • The edited first draft of your essay

Please turn all of these papers in to your teacher, with a six traits form stapled to the top. (The six traits forms are found in the very last box, in the make-up work center. They’re a half-sheet of paper.)


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