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Monday, Jan. 12: Think about the role the setting plays in a Gothic story. (If you don’t remember what Gothic means, consult your notes.) Describe a Gothic setting, using your senses: sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell.

Tuesday, Jan. 13: There was no journal today, as we had a substitute teacher.

Wednesday, Jan. 14: There was no journal today, as we had a substitute teacher.

Thursday, Jan. 15: What are the three basic rules of traditional poetry? (Look in the English Handbook Pages on page 12.)


Monday, Jan. 12: Today we worked together to write a poem as a class. Then we were given a poetry-writing assignment. To make up this assignment, please copy the notes from a classmate. That way you’ll know the steps we took to write our poems. You must do each of these steps when you write yours. Each step will be graded. (Ask the teacher for an image. We each wrote our poems on classical art or photographs from American history.)

Tuesday, Jan. 13: Today we continued to work on our poems based on American historical images. Those who finished the first draft of their poems asked a friend to edit their poems for them. When we’re all done, each person will need to have at least 10 proofreading symbols on his/her poem.

Wednesday, Jan. 14: Today we were given an opportunity to finish writing the final draft of our American history poems while watching the movie, Dances With Wolves. If you were gone today, you may find you have time to finish your poem on Thursday, while our class is at the library.

Thursday, Jan. 15: Our American history poems were due today. Please turn in the following:

  • a six traits form (found in the biggest box, in the make-up work center)
  • your final draft of the poem
  • your edited first draft, with 10 proofreading symbols on it
  • your pre-written poem (this will be a noun list with descriptions)

Please give these things to your teacher directly. Do not leave them sitting on her desk. Thanks!

We also read the poem, “A Man’s Body at Auction,” by Walt Whitman. Please use the link provided to locate that poem (scroll down to #7) and read it. This poem will appear on the test.


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