Image of Civil War soldier William H. Rockwell holding rifle

Image of Pvt. William H. Rockwell, courtesy of Library of Congress


Monday, Jan. 19: List the six steps to writing a poem. We were taught these steps last Thursday, so if you were absent last Thursday, work together with another student who was present at the time.

Tuesday, Jan. 20:  Take a good look at the photograph of Private William H. Rockwell of North Carolina (right). Imagine how old he was when this photograph was taken. Write a paragraph describing him. Include a description of the family he left behind when he went to war, the education he received before he went to war, and the type of person he was.

Wednesday, Jan. 21:  Yesterday we used the laptops to read about Stephen Crane, the author of Red Badge of Courage. Does knowing that Crane had never personally experienced war change your view of the book and its accuracy/realism? Why or why not?

Thursday, Jan. 22:  Look back at Monday’s journal. How are Stephen Crane’s character of Henry Fleming and your description of Private William H. Rockwell alike? How are they different?


Monday, Jan. 19 through Thursday, Jan. 22: Each day this week we’ll read approx. 10 pages per day in Stephen Crane’s novel, The Red Badge of Courage. Time will be given in class to read silently. We’ll also be required to read more on our own at home, if we don’t get the necessary reading done during class. In order to read all 138 pages of this novel by finals (week of Feb. 9-12), students will need to read approximately 10 pages per day, including weekends. If you were absent on Thursday, Jan. 15, make sure you check out a book from your teacher. This novel is required reading.

  • To finish during class time, set a goal of 13.5 pages per day.
  • If you wish to read on weekends, set a goal of approx. 9 pages per day.

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