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Monday, Jan. 26: Please copy these definitions into your journal:

  • Oral traditions of the Native Americans — Pre-Columbian Literature (stories told orally by Native people that may have been recorded recently).
  • The Age of Reason — Revolutionary War Literature (esp. literature that helped establish the country, like “The Declaration of Independence”).

Tuesday, Jan. 27: Please copy these definitions into your journal:

  • American Romanticism — Literature written after the Revolution, often glorifying American scenes and characters as kings, dragons, castles, etc…
  • Realism — Description that makes you feel you’re there, in the moment.

Wednesday, Jan. 28: Please copy these definitions into your journal:

  • American Gothic Literature — Literature that offers a gruesome or psychologically disturbing form of realism (sometimes called dark romanticism) and uses setting to create an ominous mood.
  • Civil War Literature — The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane combines many of these literary concepts.

Thursday, Jan. 29: Summarize the plot of The Red Badge of Courage, as far as you’ve read.


Monday, Jan. 26 through Thursday, Jan. 29: Each day in class, we will read from Stephen Crane’s The Red Badge of Courage. To keep up with our schedule, you should be reading 11.5 pages per day if you’re only reading in class or 6.5 pages a day if you’re reading on weekends and weekdays.


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