Monday, Jan. 26: Please define the following words:

  • personify
  • represent
  • epic

Tuesday, Jan. 27:

  • function
  • narrative
  • diabolical

Wednesday, Jan. 28:

  • tragic
  • vermin
  • symbolic

Thursday, Jan. 29:

  • villainous
  • contempt
  • archaic


Monday, Jan. 26: Today we heard Mrs. Fogelsong’s re-telling of Beowulf. Since you were absent today, please check out a green literature book. This story is found on page 23. You’ll need to read it on your own if you missed school today. Finals begin next week, and it’s important to recognize the elements of epic poetry for the final.

Tuesday, Jan. 27: Today we read “The Pied Piper of Hamelin,” a narrative poem by Robert Browning. If you click on that link, you can find an online copy to read on your own, at home. Finals begin next week, and it’s important to recognize the elements of narrative poetry for the final.

Wednesday, Jan. 28: Today we created either a narrative poem or an essay (not both). For the poem, you must follow the six steps you wrote in your notes on Jan. 14. For the essay, you must do all of the steps in the writing process (thesis graphic organizer, outline, first draft, etc.). Your narrative poem should reproduce your version of “The Pied Piper of Hamelin” or Beowulf. Your essay will either compare/contrast these two narrative poems, or you may participate in the “Write from the Heart” essay contest (see link for details or get a “Write from the Heart” contest form from Box 9 in the Make-up Work Center at the back of our classroom.

Thursday, Jan. 29: Today we continued to work on our narrative poems or essays. See the entry for Wednesday, Jan. 28 for details. These assignments will be due Tuesday, Feb. 3.


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