Image of a northern soldier holding up the US flag during the American Civil War.

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Monday, Feb. 2: Explain why the founding fathers didn’t offer freedom to people of African descent during the Age of Reason. In other words, if the “Declaration of Independence” applied to people of every race, how might that have affected the economy, social attitudes, and the world’s opinion of the Americans’ rebellion against British rule?

Tuesday, Feb. 3: Copy three sentences that demonstrate realism in The Red Badge of Courage.

Wednesday, Feb. 4: If you were a Native American, would you fight for the North or the South during the American Civil War? Explain why.

Thursday, Feb. 5: Write sentences describing everything you can remember from “Aboard a Slave Ship 1829,” “The Pit and the Pendulum,” “A Man’s Body at Auction,” and “The Declaration of Independence.”



Monday, Feb. 2 – 5: This week, during class, we’ll finish reading The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane. Remember that the audiobook is available on YouTube (see link) for free. We need to finish reading the book and turn it in on Thursday, Feb. 5th. If  you finish early, please bring a library book to read during our class’s silent reading time.



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