boy in primary school educationDAILY JOURNAL ASSIGNMENTS: 

Monday, Feb. 9: Go back through all of your graded vocabulary sheets. Copy each of your chosen vocabulary words on a single page of your journal, so you can more easily embed 10 of these words into your final. (Use the list you create, as a checklist.)

Tuesday, Feb. 10: Explain how the “caret” or “insert symbol” is used, according to the English Handbook Pages. In other words, does it point up or down? Do words go on top of it or under it? Look it up on pages 13 or 14 (or use the link) to see how it is correctly used and describe its use.

Wednesday, Feb. 11: Please look in the English Handbook Pages for each of the following symbols and write the sentence that demonstrates their use, as it is shown in the English Handbook Pages…

  • add a space mark
  • paragraph symbol
  • comma
  • parentheses
  • hyphen
  • apostrophe
  • close-up symbol

Thursday, Feb. 12:  What’s the difference between and, and which of these two websites will be most useful to you after graduation? Explain your answer please.



Monday, Feb. 9 through Thursday, Feb. 12: This week we’ll be working on our final exams. If you were gone when finals were handed out, please let your teacher know. Each person has a different final, so yours will need to be given according to where you sit. If you need an extra day or two to finish your final, you may be asked to step into the hallway next week, while the rest of your class watches the movie, The Red Badge of Courage. Please do not watch the movie with the rest of us until AFTER you finish your final exam. If you don’t follow these instructions, you may be asked to turn in your final unfinished. Thank you for understanding.


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