Random Bust of Greek SomebodyDAILY JOURNAL ASSIGNMENTS: 

Monday, Feb. 23: You will find a handout in Box 3. This handout will help you with your journal assignments all week, so be sure and get one right now. Look on the side that says, “How Homer Affected the World.” List five things the writer of this essay already does well.

Tuesday, Feb. 24: Today we were asked to find as many corrections as possible on the “How Homer Affected the World” research paper handout. Please put  your proofreading symbols on the handout, show it to your teacher, and say, “I need a grade for today’s journal.” Make sure you’re using real proofreading symbols!

Wednesday, Feb. 25: Look at the journal handout that’s called, “The Great Arts of Diego Rivera,” and study it well. List five things this author already does well as a writer.

Thursday, Feb. 26:  Today we were asked to find as many corrections as possible on our “The Great Arts of Diego Rivera” research paper handout. Please put  your proofreading symbols on the handout and turn the entire handout in. It will be worth points at the end of the week.



Monday, Feb. 23: Today we were given a seating chart. Please ask where to sit if you were absent.  We were also given the handout that you can find in box 3 in the Makeup Work Center. Go get one, please, and fill it out on the famous poet, John Donne. (That’s a link to his biography.) You should also read at least one of his poems, which can be found here.

Tuesday, Feb. 24: Today we finished our study of world poets and began writing our own poems, using the noun-list method. If you do not remember the noun-list method, please ask your teacher for a brief lesson. You may need to schedule an appointment for the lesson.

Wednesday, Feb. 25: Today we used our noun lists (from our poems) to create description boxes. Extra copies of the description boxes worksheet are found in box 4 in the makeup work center. Instructions are on the top of the description boxes handout, but if you need help with yours, don’t hesitate to ask your teacher for a better explanation. We’ll be using the old-fashioned thesauruses for our description boxes rather than the Internet.

Thursday, Feb. 26: Today we finished self-editing our poems (please use some of the words from your description boxes) and turned them in.



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