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Monday, March 30 – Thursday, April 2: We’re still using the dialogue journals that are available on the “Assignments” page. You can find extra copies in Box 10 in the makeup work center.


Monday, March 30: Today we continued typing our stories. If you were absent, please try to get some typing time done at home, to make up for the lost time. Once you’ve gotten caught up, let the teacher know you need a grade for March 30th’s first draft participation score. Tell your teacher you were absent on March 30th, otherwise you may not be given credit for the work you did at home.

Tuesday, March 31: Today we printed our stories to prepare them for editing. Please ask the teacher if you can go back to the mini-lab at the back of the classroom to access and print your story. You may not spend any more time typing your story. You may only PRINT. Staple an “Editors” page to the back of your story.

Wednesday, April 1: Today every sophomore took a practice ISAT test during English class. If you were gone for this, Ms. Smith may request re-testing at a later time.

Thursday, April 2:  Today we learned how to apply our knowledge of poetry to the creative writing process, when writing a short story. Think about how we created poems, using a noun list and building adjectives around that list. Use scratch paper to create some mini-poems that help you edit, revise, and improve the word choice in your story.


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