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Monday, April 27: Copy the information at the top of page 8 in The English Handbook Pages, under the heading, “Full Block Style.”

Tuesday, April 28:  Explain the difference between “old system” and “new system” on a mailing envelope. (This information is found on page 6 of The English Handbook Pages.

Wednesday, April 29: There’s no journal for this day.

Thursday, April 30: Copy the first rule of e-mail, found on page 5 of The English Handbook Pages.



Monday, April 27: Today we learned how to start an account with You can use that link to visit the website and start an account if you feel confident enough to do so. Your teacher has a handout that can walk you through the process of starting an account.

Tuesday, April 28: Today we went to the computer lab to start an account with Then we downloaded our revised stories and posted them in the group called WHS Trojans.

Wednesday, April 29: By today, everyone at school has created their Figment accounts and downloaded their stories to our group. If you’re behind, you’ll need to use the alternative method of publishing online (share your Google doc with two friends who agree to read and comment on your story). At least two people must read and comment on your story, either on Figment or through Google docs, in order to earn your points for today. Once you’ve gotten that goal accomplished, be sure and show your teacher. Tell her, “I still need points for digital publishing.”

Thursday, April 30: Today we created a flowchart and started writing a letter to a celebrity. Both the flowchart and the letter will be graded, so if you don’t know what a flowchart looks like, please ask for help.


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