man holdingletter iClipDAILY JOURNAL ASSIGNMENTS: 

Monday, May 4:  Please copy the paragraph found at the top of Page 8 in the English Handbook Pages. It’s called, “Full Block Style.”

Tuesday, May 5: According to the English Handbook Pages, what’s the difference between full-block style and modified semiblock style? (Look at the illustration at the bottom of page 7 that shows all three letter styles and describe the differences between the two business letter styles.)

Wednesday, May 6: Explain how letter-writing was different in George Washington’s time, as compared to letter-writing in modern times. Consider the business letters shown in the English Handbook Pages.

Thursday, May 7: What do you remember about the six traits of good writing? How is each one scored? (Don’t just copy from the posters, but really think about what you’ve learned.)



Monday, May 4:  For today’s assignment, students were asked to write a modified semi-block letter to the sophomores, explaining what Junior English will be like. We started with a flowchart, included four paragraphs of information (or more), and used the English Handbook Pages to guide our use of the semi-block letter style.

Tuesday, May 5: Today we spent the day editing our letters to the sophomores. If you were gone for this, please use this link to find the PowerPoint we used. (It’s called “Editor’s Guide for Letters.”) Then use that same PowerPoint to guide you as you self-edit your first draft. (Remember that you need at least 20 proofreading symbols on your first draft when complete.) If you’re doing this at home, ask a parent to write a note on the back of your flowchart, stating that you self-edited using the PowerPoint as your guide. Show the note to your teacher, and she’ll give you points for editing.

Wednesday, May 6: Today we revised our letters to the sophomores and scored them ourselves. Please download this PowerPoint document to score yourself at home. Have a parent write a note stating that you scored yourself. You must have a six traits form to score it properly. (Use that link to find one or get one out of the big make-up work box in the classroom.)

Thursday, May 7: By today, everyone has returned their Red Badge of Courage novels. Please return yours immediately. Note that our final exam begins on Monday, May 11.


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