Monday, May 4:  Copy the 2nd and 3rd rules of e-mail found on page 5 in the English Handbook Pages.

Tuesday, May 5: Copy the old system envelope written from Derek Jeter to the Disneyland Hotel, found on page 6 in the English Handbook Pages.

Wednesday, May 6: Look at EnglishEmporium’s outline page. Copy the bullets under the sample outline at the bottom of the page.

Thursday, May 7: Copy the 4th and 5th rules of e-mail found on page 5 in the English Handbook Pages.


Monday, May 4: Today we started editing our letters to celebrities. Here’s the PowerPoint we used to edit and score the first draft: Scoring Letters to Celebrities. Please use the six traits form to score and edit yourself at home, then show your teacher you’ve got lots of proofreading symbols (at least 10) and a scored six traits form, on your first draft. (Tell her you still need a grade for editing and scoring the first draft.) Remember that word-choice changes will count for proofreading symbols, as long as you use the right proofreading symbols.

Tuesday, May 5: Today we finished editing and revising our letters to celebrities. We also addressed an envelope so we can send our letters to celebrities. Please get an envelope from your teacher, address it, and stamp it, so it can be mailed. Only mail the final draft of your letter, not the edited first draft.

Wednesday, May 6: Today we did a worksheet called, “Combining Sentences Hollywood Style.” Extra copies can be found in the make-up work center.

Thursday, May 7: Today was a review day for the final exam. Our final begins on Monday, May 11.


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