Screenshot from the MGM film, The Red Badge of Courage: note the Flag of NY in shot.

Screenshot from the MGM film, The Red Badge of Courage: note the Flag of NY in shot.


Monday, May 18: Explain what freedom means to you, referencing the literature we’ve read this trimester.

Tuesday, May 19: Imagine what your life would be like without electricity and write about it. Consider the way early Americans used to live.

Wednesday, May 20: Choose any US president and write about him. Use your creativity; what you write doesn’t have to be factual, but it can be.

Thursday, May 21: How does history affect us?



Monday, May 18: Today we met in the computer lab to read about two actors and their real-life biographical information. Please take notes in your journals on the following actors: Kevin Costner and Audie Murphy. (You may use those links.) Show your teacher the notes you’ve taken and say, “I still need credit for this.”

Tuesday, May 19: Today we finished our finals and turned them in. If you still need to finish your final exam, please go out to the hallway to finish yours while the rest of us watch the movies.

Wednesday, May 20: Today we watched The Red Badge of Courage, starring Audie Murphy. Check out that link to see what the movie’s general ambiance is like.

Thursday, May 21: Today we watched Dances With Wolves. This movie will take several days to view, and afterwords, we’re going to do some compare/contrast activities with The Red Badge of Courage. So when you return to see the rest of the movie, pay close attention please.



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