Image of a four-box graphic organizer. In each box is a different Native American tribe's name: Huron, Sioux, Nez Perce, Kiowa

Four Tribes Graphic Organizer to Accompany a Study of Native American Literature and Oral Traditions


Monday, August 24: Please copy the following outline format into your spiral notebook, leaving blank areas where you see blanks. You have seven minutes to complete this journal:

I. First Day Notes

.          A. What rules/policies have changed?

.                 1.

.                 2.

.                 3.

.          B. Journal assignments:

.                 1.

.                 2.

.          C. Homework:

Tuesday, August 25: Take a look at the four-tribes graphic organizer on the right. Please copy this into your journal, using the following outline format:

II. Native American Oral Traditions

.          A. Tribal Information Graphic Organizer: (draw the graphic organizer here)

Wednesday, August 26: List 3-4 facts each about the Huron, Sioux, and Nez Perce tribes in the graphic organizer you made yesterday. The information about these tribes is found on page 18 in our brown literature books.

Thursday, August 27: Please summarize what “The Great Turtle” is and how it challenges what we once thought about the Native Americans. If you were absent when we took notes on “The Great Turtle,” copy your classmate’s notes and be sure to ask any questions you have about the notes. Your notes will look something like this:

.          B. The Great Turtle (followed by the image of North America from yesterday’s lecture):

.          C. Summarize yesterday’s lecture on “The Great Turtle”:


Monday, August 24: Today we were given our class syllabus. Extra copies can be found in Box 2, in the make-up work center at the back of the classroom. We were also given a seating chart. Please ask your teacher where you sit.

Tuesday, August 25: Today we were given notes on “The Great Turtle.” Please copy these notes from a classmate. We also read the nonfiction essay, “Native American Oral Traditions,” in the brown literature books. Please set an appointment to come in at lunch, during Friday School, or use time during our next library visit to catch up on this assigned reading.

Wednesday, August 26: Today we started taking the pre-test for this class. This grade will not count toward your overall score for this class, but it does let you know what the final will be like. So please set an appointment to come in at lunch, after school, or during Friday school to make up this important test.

Thursday, August 27: Your signed syllabus was due today, as was your first five vocabulary words and definitions. Please give these to your teacher directly. Do not set them on her desk or place them in any boxes. Make sure you put these documents directly in her HAND. We finished taking our pre-tests today, as needed. Those students who finished early read the following Native American literature from our text book:

  • “Coyote Finishes His Work” — pg. 22
  • “Sky Tree” — pg. 20
  • “The Earth Only” — pg. 21
  • “N. Scott Momaday” — pg. 30
  • “The Way to Rainy Mountain” — pg. 32

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