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Monday, Oct. 12: Copy the notes on “The Age of Reason” from a classmate.

Tuesday, Oct. 13: Please copy today’s notes from a classmate.

Wednesday, Oct. 14: Please copy today’s notes from a classmate.

Thursday, Oct. 15: Please copy today’s notes from a classmate.


Monday, Oct. 12: Today we were given our Native American literature essays back. Please get yours from your teacher and record the scores she gave you on your writing log. Keep your essay in your file folder.

Tuesday, Oct. 13: Today we read the “Declaration of Independence” and evaluated it, scoring it using the “six traits” scoring method that we used for our own essays. Then we discussed why we gave the scores we did and why. If you were absent today, please read the “Declaration of Independence” online and do the same sort of activity. You can find the six traits on this page, and the “Declaration of Independence” on this page.

Wednesday, Oct. 14: Today we did a review for tomorrow’s mid-term test. If you’d like to do the same review, simply test your knowledge of outlining by turning the notes you’ve taken all quarter into a formal outline on a paper that compares and contrasts American literature of the Age of Reason with pre-Columbian literature.

Thursday, Oct. 15: Today we took our mid-term test. Please set an official appointment to come in after school, or plan to come to Friday school to make up this important test grade.


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