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DAILY LANGUAGE REVIEW: Ask your teacher if she took grades on the DLR and find out from a classmate which one(s) you missed. If you were absent when your teacher took grades on the DLR, find a copy of the one you missed in the make-up work center. Take it home and edit and/or revise it as needed. Before you turn it in to the teacher, please draw a box around the one you missed with a highlighter pen, and tell your teacher “I still need a grade for this.” (Otherwise it may get lost in the stacks of other DLR assignments.)


Monday, Oct. 26: Today we finished watching the film, World Trade Center. Then we created a journal entry answering the following questions:

  • Which details are emphasized in each version of the September 11th nonfictional stories?
  • What were the different authors’ (screenwriters’) purposes in each one?

Tuesday, Oct. 27: Today 4th period was the only class to take grades on the D.L.R. We also learned a little about research papers, and second period drew their research paper topics. Anyone who is missing a mid-term test grade was given a day to catch up on that. Do you still need to take a mid-term test? Please plan to come to Friday school if you do.

Wednesday, Oct. 28: Today we spent the hour scoring our Titanic essays for the six traits of writing. To see the lesson we were given, please click on this link and go to “Scoring Essays for the Six Traits.”

Thursday, Oct. 29: Today we started researching our assigned topics, using World Book Encyclopedias. Your teacher will keep these in her classroom for a little while longer; after that, the encyclopedias will only be available through the library. Please get a World Book Encyclopedia worksheet from the make-up work center (or download it from English Emporium), fill it out on your assigned topic, and turn it in.


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