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DAILY LANGUAGE REVIEW: Ask your teacher if she took grades on the DLR and find out from a classmate which one(s) you missed. If you were absent when your teacher took grades on the DLR, find a copy of the one you missed in the make-up work center. Take it home and edit and/or revise it as needed. Before you turn it in to the teacher, please draw a box around the one you missed with a highlighter pen, and tell your teacher “I still need a grade for this.” (Otherwise it may get lost in the stacks of other DLR assignments.)



Monday, Nov. 2: All classes have now drawn names of world leaders to study for our research papers. If you haven’t drawn a name yet, please let your teacher know.

Tuesday, Nov. 3: Today we went to the library to learn about the reference section, so we would understand how to find information that’s relevant to the world leader(s) we are studying. The following pointers/tips were offered:

  • When you look up a world leader in the encyclopedia, search for related information that you can use to further your research. For example, what is this world leader famous for? What country did he/she live in? Is he/she associated with a certain time period (like the Victorian Age, the Renaissance, or the Middle Ages)? If so, write these things into your encyclopedia handout.
  • When you find a book that might be useful, look up your world leader’s name in the index to help you find the pages that will be most beneficial to your research. For example, if you’re looking for Fidel Castro in a book on revolutionaries, search for his last name, “Castro,” in the index. It will direct you to see page 17 or something.

Wednesday, Nov. 4: Today we spent all hour researching world leaders, using the World Book Encyclopedias in the classroom.

Thursday, Nov. 5: Today we spent all hour researching world leaders, using the World Book Encyclopedias in the classroom.


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