Image of Union soldiers holding muskets during the Civil War

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Monday, Nov. 2: In Chapter III, right before the big battle, Wilson gives Henry Fleming a bundle of papers and letters to transfer to his family in case he doesn’t live through the battle. Explain how letter-writing was different during the Civil War, as compared to letter-writing in modern times. Consider the business letters shown in the English Handbook Pages.

Tuesday, Nov. 3: Copy a quote from Chapter X (10) in The Red Badge of Courage that explains who the “tattered soldier” is.

Wednesday, Nov. 4: How bad is Henry Fleming’s head wound? Copy a quote from Chapter XII (12) that describes his wound.

Thursday, Nov. 5: How has the character of Henry Fleming changed in The Red Badge of Courage? Copy a quote from Chapter XIV (14) that demonstrates the character’s evolution.


Monday, Nov. 2 – Thursday, Nov. 5: We continued reading The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane. It’s easy to catch up when you’ve been gone because the entire audiobook is available for free on YouTube. Please visit the YouTube audiobook to catch up on your reading or come in during Friday School. Remember to turn in your vocabulary list on Thursday. It’s important to choose vocabulary words that will be useful in your next essay, but the words should also be somewhat challenging.


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