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DAILY LANGUAGE REVIEW: Ask your teacher if she took grades on the DLR and find out from a classmate which one(s) you missed. If you were absent when your teacher took grades on the DLR, find a copy of the one you missed in the make-up work center. Take it home and edit and/or revise it as needed. Before you turn it in to the teacher, please draw a box around the one you missed with a highlighter pen, and tell your teacher “I still need a grade for this.” (Otherwise it may get lost in the stacks of other DLR assignments.)


Monday, Nov. 9: All classes have now drawn names of world leaders to study for our research papers. If you haven’t drawn a name yet, please let your teacher know. We have done some encyclopedia research on the topic options we drew, and today everyone had to decide on a research topic. You may not change your mind about your topic after today.

Tuesday, Nov. 10: Today we went to the library to begin researching our topics using the library books available to us. Our teacher gave each person a “Citing a Book” handout. Extra copies of this handout can be found in Box 3 in the makeup work center. If you were gone today, our next library day is November 16th. Plan on catching up at that time, or plan to go to the library to do some research on your own time.

Wednesday, Nov. 11: Today we were given a research paper requirements handout. Extra copies of this handout can be found in Box 4 in the makeup work center.

Thursday, Nov. 12: Today we spent all hour researching world leaders, using Wikipedia and other websites in the computer lab. If you were absent for this, the Wikipedia handout is found in Box 5 in the makeup work center. Please take your handout home and complete it as homework.


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