Monday, Dec. 7: Copy the basic notes for Dances With Wolves from a classmate’s journal and fill it in with your own interpretations of the film.

Tuesday, Dec. 8 : We were given a handout-style journal today, and it references Audie Murphy.

Wednesday, Dec. 9: We were given another handout-style journal today, and it references the films we’ve been watching.

Thursday, Dec. 10: Today we copied the rest of the timeline into our journals. Please copy the timeline from a classmate’s journal, as this will be on the end-of course assessment.


Monday, Dec. 7: Today we finished watching Dances With Wolves and turned in our journals. Please turn in your journal as well.

Tuesday, Dec. 8 : Today we watched the film version of The Red Badge of Courage.

Wednesday, Dec. 9: Today we wrote an essay comparing and contrasting the films The Red Badge of Courage and Dances With Wolves.  Specifically, analyze how well the films bring to life the literature that we read for this class. Which film does a better job of making the literature come to life on the big screen? Offer examples from the films to demonstrate this.

Thursday, Dec. 10: Today we finished our essays from yesterday and turned them in. We also finished researching Audie Murphy’s life, using the Wikipedia handouts we were given last week. Extra copies of that handout are in Box 1 in the make-up work center.


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