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DAILY LANGUAGE REVIEW: Ask your teacher if she took grades on the DLR and find out from a classmate which one(s) you missed. If you were absent when your teacher took grades on the DLR, find a copy of the one you missed in the make-up work center. Take it home and edit and/or revise it as needed. Before you turn it in to the teacher, please draw a box around the one you missed with a highlighter pen, and tell your teacher “I still need a grade for this.” (Otherwise it may get lost in the stacks of other DLR assignments.)


Monday, Dec. 14: Today we turned in our research papers. Please turn yours in immediately. You must turn in every part of the research paper. Here’s the staple order:

  • TOP = Six Traits Form (found in the make-up work center)
  • NEXT = Final Draft (Colorfully Highlighted!)
  • NEXT = Editor’s Page Cover Sheet
  • NEXT = Edited First Draft
  • NEXT = Outline
  • NEXT = Thesis Graphic Organizer
  • NEXT = Vocabulary List
  • NEXT = 4+ Research Worksheets
  • NEXT = Works Cited Page 1st Draft
  • BOTTOM = Typed Final Draft of Works Cited

Tuesday, Dec. 15: Today we took the EOC test. Please set an appointment to come in and make that up, or plan to attend Friday school on Jan. 8th.

Wednesday, Dec. 16: Today we had a lesson on public speaking. Please view this short film, and think about what makes this speaker compelling to listen to. How are her visual aides relevant? How does the speaker integrate visual aides into her speech?

Thursday, Dec. 17: Today we created an outline on a 3×5 card, to help us memorize our speech. If you know, in advance, that you’ll be gone today, please ask for your research paper, so you can copy the outline onto a 3×5 notecard. Then take that card home with you over the holidays to help you memorize your speech.


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