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Monday, Dec. 14: Today’s journal was a half-sheet journal. Extra copies are in Box 11.

Tuesday, Dec. 15: We’ve begun a new section of notes in our spiral notebook journals. Please copy the following list of characters in your journal under Roman numeral IX. Hamlet Notes:

A. List of Characters

  • Claudius = King of Denmark and uncle of Hamlet
  • Gertrude = Queen of Denmark and mother of Hamlet
  • Hamlet = Prince of Denmark
  • Horatio = Prince Hamlet’s BFF
  • Polonius = lord chamberlain (adviser to the king, Claudius)
  • Ophelia = beautiful daughter of Polonius and girlfriend to Prince Hamlet
  • Laertes = son of Polonius, who is college-age (older brother of Ophelia)

Wednesday, Dec. 16: We had a guest teacher today. No journal was given.

Thursday, Dec. 17: Today’s journal asked the following questions (just copy these onto a piece of notebook paper, answer them, and turn them in): 1. What do you already know about Hamlet? 2. What do you think you know about Hamlet, but you’re not sure? 3. Write three questions you still have about Hamlet.


Monday, Dec. 14: Today we took the “End of Course Assessment” test. Please set an appointment to come in and take this test, or plan to attend Friday school on 8th to take the test.

Tuesday, Dec. 15: Today we began reading Hamlet. To view Act I, Scene 1 on YouTube, please go to the link provided.

Wednesday, Dec. 16: Today we watched Act I, Scene 2 of Hamlet on YouTube.

Thursday, Dec. 17: Today we continued reading Hamlet. To view Act I, Scene 3 on YouTube, please go to the link provided.


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