Monday, Jan. 4: Please copy the following into your journal for Hamlet:

C. Act 2

  1. New characters:

a.) Rosencranz – minor character

b.) Guildenstern – minor character

c.) These are childhood companions of Hamlet,

but they haven’t seen him in many years. The

king and queen sent for them to help rid Prince

Hamlet of his depression.

2. Summarize what happened in Act 2: (Leave lots of

room for your response here – half a page or more.)

3. What is the definition of each of these words?

  • Soliloquy
  • Dumbshow (sometimes written as two words)
  • Player (the theater term)

Tuesday, Jan. 5: In your journal, please copy and answer the following question under C. Act II, explaining your answer: Do you believe Claudius (the king and uncle) really did kill Hamlet’s father? Or do you believe the ghost was tricking Hamlet?

Wednesday, Jan. 6: Under D. Act III, copy the following question and answer it: How does Hamlet really feel about Ophelia? Find three quotes that demonstrate his true feelings.

Thursday, Jan. 7: Under D. Act III, summarize what we’ve read so far (acts 1-3).


Monday, Jan. 4: Today we watched Act 2 from Hamlet. You can view this online, on YouTube.

Tuesday, Jan. 5: Today we read key lines from Act 3. You can view this play online, on YouTube.

Wednesday, Jan. 6: Today we watched Act 3 in the film. You can view it online, on YouTube.

Thursday, Jan. 7: Today we read key lines from Hamlet‘s Act 4. You can view this film online, on YouTube.



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