Monday, Feb. 8: Please fill out the missing information in the following journal entry, by reading the essay on pages 1169 -1170 in the literature book:

Post-Modern or "Contemporary Literature"

Tuesday, Feb. 9 – Wednesday, Feb. 10: Journals were collected on Monday and scored on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thursday, Feb. 11: Graded journals were handed back today. No journal assignment was given.


Monday, Feb. 8: Today we read aloud from the essay on characterization, found on pages 1169 – 1170 in the brown literature book. Please come in at lunch, after school, or on Friday to catch up on that reading assignment. We’ll be dealing with the concepts in that essay for the remainder of this unit, so it’s an important essay to read.

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Tuesday, Feb. 9 – Wednesday, Feb. 10: On these days, we met in the computer lab to type our Junior Board Proposal documents. If you need extra time, please be aware that a.) this is something you can accomplish from a home computer via the document your teacher sent you through email and b.) your teacher will be available for Friday school from 8AM to 10AM. Please come to class on Thursday with a printed proposal, ready to edit.

Thursday, Feb. 11: Today we started editing our Junior Board Proposal documents. If you need to make up lost editing time, please take your proposal home and use the PowerPoint on this page titled “5 Para Essay Edit” to guide you as you self-edit. Have a parent sign a note saying that you spent at least 30 minutes self-editing.


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