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Due to the Direct Writing Assessment and SAT testing, there will be no journals this week and no vocabulary list due.

Monday, Feb. 22: Today we took the Direct Writing Assessment test (day 1). If you were absent today, you may need a little review to catch up for Tuesday’s finalization of the test. Please let the teacher know you were gone on Monday.

Tuesday, Feb. 23: Today we took the district Direct Writing Assessment test. If you were gone today, you will need to make this test up. You may be asked to attend Friday school.

Wednesday, Feb. 24: Today many juniors took the SAT college entrance test. Anyone who didn’t want to take the SAT was given an opportunity to catch up on missing work for English.

Thursday, Feb. 25: Today we finished taking notes on Hemingway. Once your teacher gets the photos of these notes loaded, you’ll find them under the “Students’ Work” tab at the top of this page.


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