Monday, March 14: There was no journal today, to allow extra time for the E.O.C. Assessment test.

Tuesday, March 15: Please copy the following into your journal. (You can follow this link to add facts for the bullets.)March 15

March 16

March 17

Wednesday, March 16: Please copy the following into your journal. (You can follow this link to add facts for the bullets.)

March 15B

Thursday, March 17: Please write a paragraph predicting the plot of The Crucible in your journal. We turned our journals in today, for a grade. Please turn yours in right away.

assignments for 7th grade language arts

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Monday, March 14: Today we took the E.O.C. Assessment test. Please come to Friday school to make up this important test grade.

Tuesday, March 15: Today we took notes on socialismMarxismcommunism , McCarthyismtheocracy and the Puritans. (See links for helpful info.)

Wednesday, March 16: Today we read page 1094 – 1098 in the brown literature books. Please take the time to read this, either in class or during Friday school, as this information will help you understand The Crucible better.

Thursday, March 17: Today we created a rough outline, based on the thesis we used in our junior board proposals. This outline will be one of the first things you’ll need to turn in to Dr. Smith, when you start Senior English class. Everyone in Junior English was given 10 points for completing this assignment during class, so make sure you turn yours in.


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