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DAILY JOURNAL ASSIGNMENTS: (Check with a friend to see how these notes look, in terms of the outline format. You may need to copy notes from classmates, as it’s hard to predict how quickly we’ll get through these journal notes.)

Monday, April 4: Why is Betty unconscious, according to various characters in The Crucible? (Use quotes to prove what characters believe to be true. Note the character who says each line.)

Tuesday, April 5: What motivates Abigail to be deceptive? (Again, find quotes to prove your beliefs.)

Wednesday, April 6: Explain the juxtaposition between Abigail and Elizabeth Proctor.

Thursday, April 7: Greed and the quest for power are major themes in The Crucible. Find quotes in Scene 4 that demonstrate jealousy, greed, and the quest for power over other people.

DAILY CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES: Each day this week we have read a section of Arthur Miller’s famous American play, The Crucible. You can access the text at this link, and there are lots of helpful tips at Cliffs Notes and Spark Notes.

Thursday, April 7: Journals were collected today. Please turn yours  in right away!


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