DAILY JOURNAL ASSIGNMENTS: Copy this section of journal notes under III. Act III and begin with A. Scene 1.

Act 3











Monday, April 25 – Thursday, April 28:

We’ll be reading Shakespeare’s famous play, Othello, out loud in class. If you were gone, you can find the entire text at this link. Try to find where you left off and catch up on the parts you missed. It’s also possible to listen to an audio version of the play here.

Here’s what was due this week, on Thursday, April 28: 

  • Puppet (name on the back)
  • 1st draft of puppet instruction sheet

We edited our puppet instruction page on Thursday, April 28. To make up the points we were given for editing, please go to this page in English Emporium, and use the “Self-Editing” Powerpoint to edit your own first draft of the instruction page. Have your parents sign a note saying you did so, and show this note to your teacher. That’s a good way to earn credit for the day we spent editing.


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