Image: iClipart

Image: iClipart

No journal assignments will be given this week, as it’s testing time.


Monday, May 2: Today we started our E.O.C. Assessment test. This test will be slightly different from past tests because a.) you’ll be applying 15 vocabulary words from all of the vocab you’ve collected throughout the semester in this E.O.C.’s outline and b.) after writing the outline, you’ll be asked to create an essay that follows your outline. So come to school prepared, with all of your vocabulary lists, your Crucible journal notes, paper, a pen/pencil, and highlighter pen.

Tuesday, May 3: We continued working on our E.O.C. Assessment tests. These tests will be collected for scoring on Wednesday, May 4. You need to have your outline completed, with 15 vocabulary words, by the end of class on Wednesday. Students who finished their E.O.C. outline today were able to begin their essay’s first draft.

Wednesday, May 4: We turned in our E.O.C. tests today (just the test form and the outline–which should indicate that you’re planning to write an essay of 6 or more paragraphs). Yours will be scored over the weekend, even if you were absent today. However, if you need more time on Thursday (due to sports-related absences or something), let your teacher know. You can catch up on Thursday.

Thursday, May 5: Today we learned how to make a Google slide show. Please take a look at this video, which also demonstrates how to make a Google slide show. Of course, that video shows a science teacher turning his Chapter 6 notes into a Google slide show, but we’re not studying science. So you will have to create a slide show that turns your literary notes into a Google slide presentation, as the American Literature course 11B comes to a close.


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